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but they are sooo good欧美男男gaygay巨大粗长肥

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but they are sooo good欧美男男gaygay巨大粗长肥

Part 4Note: This part is being told by Lori's point of view instead of her fathers. I shuddered as I turned my computer off for the night, earlier that afternoon I saw my friends on camera, and they finally got to see me during their web-caming. What I really liked was watching my friends fuck, that was the best, and being brother and sister too.Jenny and John are really nice, Jenny is only 13, but will be 14 at the end of the month, and John turned 15 in March. What was more thrilling is that was the first time John saw me totally naked.I liked John, maybe I can get him to fuck me, I know he wants to, he told me himself. But who I really want to be my first is my daddy. I slip into my nightie and under the covers taking my favorite vibrator with me, it's small only 4 inches and black. I set the speed to low and run it over my breasts and in between them and sigh softly wishing it was my daddy's cock. I saw it the other day when Melody gave him quite the show, that little slut. He ran to the bathroom as Melody and I went back down stairs, I was in my white lingerie set wanting to seduce him with Melodys help. But he didn't see us as we went to the bathroom door we could hear him stroking his cock, and I guess in his haste didn't close the door all the way, but in the mirror I could see him stroking and the explosion of cum that erupted sent shivers down my spine, and the urge to be on my knees in front of him and sucking down his seed gets me so hot.I moan out as I move the vibe down my body, and over my sensitive clit. Cooing softly as I rub it around in circles, I can feel my lips getting wet as I push it down further, over my pussy lips and against the opening. My body is on fire it feels as the sensations race up my spine. “oh daddy, fuck me” I moan out, unable to help my self, as Islip the vibrator inside of me. I lost my hymen at a sleepover a few years back. What daddy didn't know was that it was a cherry popping party and Sherrie had managed to get enough vibratorsfor everyone, but we had to buy them to keep them and I managed to get enough to do so. Although Sherrie moved a few months later and lost touch with her.In and out I push the vibe turning it up some as it hums inside of me and I squirm about, my pussy hot and wet, and all I can think of is my dads cock, how red the head was, and how wonderful it looked, oh god I'm such a slut. With those thoughts my body begins to jerk and lift up off the bed, as I cum, trying to be quiet, as I squeak as my entire body glows warmth coming down off the orgasmic high, not as intense as some I've had before but it satisfies me for the night and I put my toy away and drift off to sleep.Tuesday morning comes and I have to drag myself out of bed, a dream less night it seems. I reach down and feel my pussy and it's still wet and a bit sticky from last night as I hop into the shower. Letting the hot water fall onto my body as I get my hair wet and begin to shampoo it up, cleaning it up as I look up I notice a black dot in the stalls ceiling that wasn't there before, or was it? I shrug and continue to wash and condition my hair. Grabbing the wash cloth I soap it up and begin to run it over my body, my arms and face, washing the soap off of my face and then continuing on down my chest, my A-cup titties coming in, and sensitive still as the rough material rubs my nipples causing them to get hard and give me shivers. Down over my belly and across my abdomen I wash, the few hairs I have down there starting to show up again, I'll have to ask Jenny to give me another wax soon, even though I could just shave them, maybe this time let John do it. He has been doing me and Jenny’s hairfor a year now, and has his own professional hair stylist kit, he calls it a barbers kit, but he's also done my nails and Jenny has said he's waxed her pussy before so I guess I can trust him not to harm me. He is trying to become a professional stylist and open a full service salon when he's older, I know I'll be one of his customers. Rubbing down my hairless pussy with the washcloth gets my body to wake up, I moan softly as my thumb rubs against the clit before moving down the slit, washing away yesterdays juices.After my shower I dress in my 'uniform', it's not really, but it's dress code a knee length skirt and button down white shirt for the girls, and button down shirts and long khaki pants for the boys. While the code says knee length, many of the girls are allowed to wear much shorter skirts, as long as it covered everything I guess they are ok with it, that or they were sucking and fucking the administration. I never really tried to push it,I didn't mind the modest cover most of the time. Daddy was awake and downstairs already, and had made pancakes with sausage links for breakfast. My heart skips a beat every time I see him. I take my seat and pile on the warm butter and syrup. I can eat for days on end and not gain an ounce, I also walk a mile and a half to school and most of the time walk it going back home, so I guess it balances out some. “Morning cupcake” daddy says. “Morning Daddy” I reply before stuffing a pancake whole into my mouth, I've always had a big mouth. “whoa slow down there hun, you have plenty of time” daddy always chides me about my big appetites. “I know daddy, but they are sooo good, I can't help it” this time I do take my time with the rest of the stack. As I get ready to eat the last sausage link, I dip the end of it in syrup and get a wicked idea as I wait for daddy to look up at me as I make eye contact and suck on the end of the sausage link, pulling it out of my mouth and licking the tip as seductively as I can before taking it off my fork and sucking it all into my mouth, before swallowing it whole, so wishing it was daddys cock to swallow. He doesn't break eye contact with me and watches, I can see him shift in his chair a little, I bet that cock of his is hard and throbbing. I lick my lips then hop over to his side and kiss his cheek. “Need to go daddy, or else I'll be late!” I leave quickly and run out the door to let him stew about what he just saw, no answers, just questions for him to think on. I meet up with John and Jenny on the way to school and give them both a hug and thanking them again for the show and when can we do it again. They sadly tell me it might be a while since their Mother got a temp lay-off for a few months and might not be able to do many shows with her home if any.School can be so lame at times. We had a school wide assembly in the morning that lasted until lunch, it was something about the years goals and achievements and some new program they are doing. But at lunch I got to see everyone of my friends except John, being a sophmore he takes a different class so his lunch is at a different time. But we all laugh and giggle and talk about the boys we like and want to have ask us out. I naturally say John, Jenny's brother. Jenny already knew but not Melody and she lightly pushes on my arm and laughs “Why him when you have me?” everyone laughs and knows that Melody and I are an item and that has most of the school thinking we are lesbians,自拍偷在线精品自拍偷免费we aren't, we are bi, and while Melody has tried boys I haven't yet. But just cause we are an Item didn't mean we were exclusive, we both agreed to explore during our high school years and see if anything serious came up and if not then we'd still have each other.Jenny announces that she has her birthday coming up later this month and hands out invites to everyone, and says to open them when they get home and alone. She smiles at me when she gets to the alone part. Jenny will be 14, and was born on Halloween, she managed to get into school early because of it and always had Halloween themed parties. I wonder what this year will hold. The school day dragged on since first and second period is when I get to see my friends, then at lunch, but 4th period study hall is when I get to see John, and feeling a bit hornytoday after their show yesterday I decide tobe a little more bold today.As I pass his desk going to the teacher I drop a note saying to wait 5 minutes then ask to go to the rest room and met me in the cafeterias girls room. John and I have been together once before, but that was with Jenny there in a oral three-way. I was sucking on Jennys pussy while John was eating me out and Jenny sucking her brothers cock. It was a quick three-way we still has most of our clothing on so yesterday was Johns first good long look at me naked. Right now all I wanted was to feel his mouth on my cunt once more.I waited in the girls room for about 10 minutes before finally John shows up. It took him a bit to get in here as the principal was outside. But when he comes into the bathroom I jump him, literally, wrapping my slender legs around him and my arms around his neck and give him a deep hard kiss. He immediately grabs me by the ass to support me,and holds on to me and pushes me into the hard wall as I grunt breaking the kiss.“I want you to eat me... please I'm so horny right now” I plead with him“Anything for you babe” He sets me down on the ground and pushes up my skirt and tucks it into the waistband so it stays up and pulls down my panties, to my knees. My pussy is already wet and needing attention, my heart races as this is the first time I've done anything like this at school. Spreading my legs as John gets in between them and licks up and down my slit sending shivers up and down my body. “You'll have to let me wax you for Jenny's party, or even at the party.” He then once again licks my slit all the way to the clit and swirls around it. I shudder and lean against the wall and pray my knees don't give out as he eats me. Not only does he use his mouth, he runs his hands up my thighs, and slips a finger inside of me, fucking me with it, my hips buck and I try to stifle a moan but let it out as no one is bound to be around the door at this time. “Oh yes fuck me with your finger, eat my pussy, god you are wonderful right now” I moan breathlessly as he slips a second finger into me, I can hear my juices squishing with his fingers as his tongue dances over my clit driving me insane as he slows down and I protestby pushing my hips against his face, and as my ass leaves the wall he slips his other hand around from behind and does something I didn't expect and pushes a finger tip against my anal bud, causing me to gasp in surprise pleasure.“wh-what are you doing?” I ask in between gasps as he pushes and prods my ass. “Do you trust me?” he asks, I nod as he gets up and motions me over to the sink “bend over it.. and spread wide Lori.” I do as he asks, I walk out of my panties leaving them on the floor as I bend over the sink, my ass sticking out as he kneels behind me and I feel his tongue now on my rosebud opening. I gasp in surprise, as his tongue works against my hole then down to my pussy and back up. My legs trembling now as I realize what he is doing. I've seen it on the internet in pron flicks but never thought normal people did that, I thought it was just done for the porno. My body shakes as I get closer to that elusive orgasm, my moans getting louder I hope no one can hear us as John eats my ass and pussy. Then when I thought it couldn't get better he slips a finger into my ass as I groan and cry out “oh god that feels good. W-what are you doing?” “I”m just going to fuck your ass with my finger” he says then I feel his fingers on the other hand slipping into my cunt as I feel so full now, a finger in my ass and two in my cunt I can't help but rock on his fingers, pushing back against them to push them deeper into my body. Eventually my body gives and I cum hard on his fingers, my juices dripping down his hand my ass milking his finger. I collapse down on the ground panting and moaning softly.“oh god John that was wonderful” “it's something I wanna do with Jenny, but she's afraid. Shit! It's almost end of day!” he glanced at his watch, we spent 45 minutes in the bathroom with him eating me and finger fucking me. “Shit, and your all hard too and no time for me to help you out.”“Not to worry Lori, it'll go down quick enough, but eating you again was a pleasure, lets just say you owe me one when you are ready”“Alright john” he knows I'm not ready to give oral yet, but I do give him a hand job now and then when he eats me. But this time I owe him more then a simple hand job. I get my panties and wipe down my cunt, getting the juices off my legs and pussy trying to freshen up some as I give John a deep kiss, slipping my panties into his pocket. “Here, this will help make up for not getting any today, use it tonight ok?” He pulls the panties out of his pocket and sniffs them, I don't understand why men do that, sniffing a girls panties. “Sure thing babe. I've got a nice load built up for you, might even surprise you.” He says winking at me. “Go see if the coast is clear, don't want to have anyone seeing a boy coming out of the girls bathroom now can we?” He chuckles.I peek out of the bathroom and look around, and wave him out as the coast seems clear. But too little too late I see the Principal looking thru a window at us, and John doesn't see him but I do and then turn and we head back to class just in time as the final bell of the day is rung and I managed to slip past the principal and get off school grounds so he can't call me to his office.As I walk towards my house I can't help but ponder on what might happen tomorrow, I know the principal saw us coming out of the bathroom today. Oh god what is he going to do? As I walk down the side walk I jump as my phone rings, I grab it and answer, it's Jenny.“You little slut! You had my brother eat your ass!? And at school none the less?” her tone tells me she's kidding about being angry. I relax some at the good hearted ribbing from my friend“Yeah I did, I couldn't help it, I was soooo horny I just kinda let him” said walking down the sidewalk and turning into an alley way.“I can't believe you did that! So uh.. how.. uhm... was it?” she started to stammer a little as she asked.“It was awesome yet a strange feeling, but a good strange. Oh and he stuck a finger in my ass and fucked both of my holes at once, oh it was heaven and I came so hard, I just hope those bathroom walls are really sound proof.” I was blushing when I said that realizing other people might have heard, or even come in and backed out hearing what was going on. Things I hadn't realized when I decided on that bathroom.“It does sound hot, maybe I'll let John do that to me, he's been begging to do that to me,although he wants to fuck my ass too.” I could almost feel the heat of her embarrassment thru the phone.“it felt really good Jenny maybe you should, maybe for his birthday. It's only 5 months away.” I said as I turn the corner towards my house I can see it on the hill at the end of the road. “I'm almost home so I'll see you online tonight with John?”“I don't know yet, not sure if mom is home, I think I'll surprise him by letting him eat my ass on cam for you, if we can cam.”“Don't let him cum on cam today if you are able” I said giggling and hung up just as I was reaching the door to my house, I look up at the security camera dad has installed out here and my mind flashes back to this morning and that strange black dot in the shower. I quickly push the idea out of my head of dad spying on me in the shower with those cameras.


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