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got some toilet paper欧美人与zozoxxxx另类

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got some toilet paper欧美人与zozoxxxx另类

IHNC 1.5(For those who have read my first stories, I've decided to add some added content to fill in some gaps in the story that the main character Ed is not telling, they will all be titled with a .5 where they go in the storyline.)(These events are from the viewpoint of Rachel Font, the pregnant wife of Edward)“Damn it!Not again…,” I moaned as I held myself up against the kitchen counter.The girls were wrestling again, stretching my already overloaded uterus to new levels of pain.And at the same time the pressure and movement over my cervix made my pussy convulse with waves of pleasure.This was a nice side effect to help make the pain bearable, but always soaked my thighs each time it happened.The doctor’s said I’d experience severely decreased sexual desire during the third trimester.Shows what a bunch of men know about women’s bodies!I was only wearing a fuzzy moo-moo nightgown, since all my other clothes didn’t fit any more.I’d gotten some dresses I’d gotten for the few times I had to go out in public, which was rare since I’d felt like such an ugly whale. But my hand, with practiced movements, quickly went down under my dress and stretched to reach past my giant belly and could just barely touch my swollen clit.Electric shocks of pre-orgasmic bliss rocketed through my whole body.It was getting more and more difficult to reach my button, and almost more work than it was worth, but it didn’t take long for my quick, hard frigging to get me off.Convulsions shook my body, and stars appeared before my eyes.After a few minutes I waddled to the bathroom, got some toilet paper, and cleaned up my expelled juices as best as I could and though about my present life.Having kids was always my dream, and I knew it’d be worth it in the long run, but these mini-orgasmic flashes where driving me insane!I was almost dying to just beg Ed for sex, even though the doctors had warned against it in the third trimester due to overtaxing my body with it being twins.In the early weeks of the morning sickness, while jarring at first, quickly went away, and just proved I was pregnant, giving me endless joy.Sex those next few months had been the best Ed and I had ever had.He never seemed to want children as much as I did, but after I told him that first night or lovemaking always seemed hotter.Maybe it was just hormones, but I think Ed was just a bit lustier as well.Then when we found out it was twins at the beginning of the second trimester, I creamed my panties every time he touched me.I had probably worn him out though, because he seemed to breathe easier when the doctors told us to refrain from sex a few months ago.It was for the heath of my babies, and I tried not to seduce him as often.And my distended belly that grew daily helped deter me from sex with Ed as I’d never felt so unsexy in my life, but when the hot flashes hit me I’d masturbate until I got some release. It didn’t matter where I happened to be in the house; bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, hallway… wherever, whenever, all the time.I was told 40 weeks is the “normal” pregnancy, but that always goes out the door with twins the doctors said.Just not enough room in there for them both to go full term I guess.So while I’m expecting to deliver early, maybe around week 36 to 38, I’m charted at week 33 so far.And even though I love children, and have a day job as a kindergarten teacher, I’ve been out of work on maternity leave for about a month now.Ed has been great with me.He puts up with all my mood swings, crazy appetites, and had been massaging me every night after he got back from work as a High School Algebra teacher.It was Friday afternoon, and I was looking forward to a weekend of Ed taking long and good care of me when the mother of one of his student’s called me.Introducing herself as Judy Whitman, she asked me to dinner with her and her daughter, who had asked Ed to tutor her for her SAT’s.I tried to get out of it by telling her there was no way I could drive in my state, but she has insisted so sweetly and offered to come pick me up, that I had no choice but to accept the invitation.She Ed was there and already tutoring her daughter, Becky.I dressed in one of my nicest new maternity dresses that made me look like a pretty blimp, and slipped on my most comfortable shoes, which were now just barely able to fit on my swollen feet.There was a knock on the door and there was a beautiful redheaded woman just a few years older than me.I opened the door and before I could even get a word out Judy was already introducing herself, complementing my dress, and soon I found we’d been sitting in my living room and had talked away an hour.She had the cutest bright green eyes that complemented her fiery red hair, and still kept her trim figure of her youth, despite having a child very early in her life.Our chat informed me she had her child at the tender age of sixteen, so she was only thirty-three now, and her daughter had turned seventeen a few months ago.We then moved to talking about her experience with child birth, and the similarities and differences between our pregnancies.It was then I asked her, “When you were at 30 weeks, did you experience any… urges down there?”She laughed, “Oh, I felt like I had to pee all the time and had a bladder that only held a thimble-full.”“Tell me about it!But that’s not exactly what I meant…”She paused, and then a look of embarrassment crossed her face, “Oh, you mean…”I nodded meaningfully, “Oh… No, sorry.It was just pain to me and could wait to get her out of me.”I sighed and was going to change the subject, but she continued, “Tell me about it.”I had been holding this in, not even telling Ed about it, and just had to get it off my chest.The words literally erupted out of me as I gushed my most private secret to this woman who was a complete stranger less than an hour ago.“Lately the twins have been twisting around, putting pressure on my cervix.Every time they do this though I get so wet and horny I just have to masturbate.A few weeks ago it wasn’t so bad, but now my belly is getting so big I’m having a hard time reaching around.I’m going crazy!”“Oh, you poor thing,” she moved to sit next to me and hugged me.We cuddled for a few moments before she lifted up her arm and looked at her stylish watch.“Well I’ll make you a deal.Let’s go have dinner with Beth and Ed at my house and well continue this at another date.”Embarrassed that I’d just overstepped the boundaries with this beautiful, and compassionate new friend, I nodded and cleaned up the emotional tears I hadn’t realized I’d shed.We quickly left my house and got in her luxury car. While I barely fit in the seat, it was nice to sit in such a plush seat, and Judy was still friendly and engaging.I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed talking to someone other than Ed or a doctor, or how much of a prisoner I’d been in my own house the last month or so.We talked animatedly the whole way there, which wasn’t far, about fifteen minutes drive.Once there I’d found Ed and Beck sitting together on the couch, probably having just finished studying.I think he was just expecting Judy when I walked in and his eye turned to saucers as he left from the couch away from the pretty blonde that must have been Becky.He was so cute when he thought he was in trouble.I decided to let him off the hook since Judy had already told me he would be here, “Oh, hi honey, surprise!”Then I hugged him as best as I could with my beach-ball belly and he gave me a polite peck of a kiss.“Judy and I were talking after you called and she said you were already tutoring her daughter and didn’t want to interrupt you when she invited me to diner.I told her I couldn’t drive in my condition, but she offered to pick me up!Isn’t she sweet?”He hesitated but a second and agreed, “Yea!?!Sweet.What a great surprise.”We talked a bit more, and I even had Becky feel the twins as they squirmed in my belly, making her really excited.We settled down and I tried not to act like a pig as I ate three helpings of the wonderful dinner Judy had made for us.Ed was mostly quiet as I conversed with the ladies about school, babies, weather, cheerleading, and anything else that came to mind.I was getting tired at sitting up for so long, but was really having a fun night.Ed looked at me then spoke up, “OK, well it’s getting late and we should be going.”“Not me, it’s not a school night,” Becky chirped up.“Well we shall have to do this again soon,” Judy added while me up and walking with me toward the door.“Becky is studying hard for her SAT’s and I’m sure could use more help with her studies to get into a good college.I know you’re getting on with the twins, so I’ll be glad to help out if you can allow Becky to borrow your husband for a few more study sessions?”I so liked Judy that I instantly replied, “Of course!”Then thinking that I’d just accepted for Ed I looked at him.His face was a little twisted, making me laugh a little, “Oh honey, don’t look like that!Her skills cannot be that bad, you should help the girl. You’re her teacher aren’t you?”He calmed, and then said, “No, she’s a wonderful student.”“But she’s going to need a lot more studding to prepare for college right dear?” Judy added.“Oh, TONNES more studying!” Becky chirped in from behind.I chastised Ed for not being giving enough of his time and attention to Becky who eagerly wanted his help.Judy and I decided that Ed would tutor Becky on Tuesday and Thursday until the babies came, and she would come over to visit me during that time that Ed was busy.As we drove home Ed was quite, but I knew he regretted not being with me every second of the day.That’s just how attentive he can be.But I found I was looking forward to seeing Judy again already, and while the kids remained still, now sound asleep, my pussy was moistening anyway.While I’d been looking forward to the weekend, I found it just dragged by with just mundane watching TV while Ed served me, and sleeping restlessly.I couldn’t seem to sleep at the same time as the twins did, and even masturbated right in bed with Ed snoring away right next to me.That really made me hot, and allowed me to get through the night. The next Tuesday came, which brought me to trying to clean the house a bit while Ed was at work, since I was expecting Jude over that afternoon, so was surprised by a knock on the door just after nine in the morning.Judy was wearing a more relaxed blue blouse and smart tan skirt.“Hey honey.I know I’d said I’d be over later, but I thought you needed some more help, so came over early to spend the day and help you out around the house.”Soon she was in and vacuuming the floor, doing laundry, and even dusted.Ed’s been really good about doing most of the chores since I’ve been off my feet the last month, but Judy was just a cleaning dervish.I tried to help out, but she just shushed me down into a chair and we talked while she worked.A few hours went by and she was a delight to be around.Then it happened.The girls squirmed and I reflexively groaned twice.The first in pain at the internal abuse on my overtaxed uterus, and the second in pleasure as my pussy convulsed from the internal pressure.I opened my eyes that I hadn’t realized I’d closed, and was immediately embarrassed as I found Judy right next to me, ready to assist me with anything, asking what she could do to help.“No, really, I’m fine.I just need to lie down for a few minutes.Excuse me.”She helped me up from the comfy chair in the living room, and I closed the door between us as I entered the bedroom.I breathed hard as I lie onto the bed and kicked of my fuzzy slippers, taking the weight off my back and feet as I attempted to relax.But the twins were active and my womb shuddered in pain and pleasure.Before I even knew what I was doing, my right hand was already bent around my belly, rubbing softly on my pussy, with my legs splayed open on the bed.Damn I wish I had a vibrator.I’d been stroking my clit for a few minutes before I heard, “Oh Honey, do you need some help?”My eyes flashed open and Judy was entering the room after peaking in at me.I tried to pull a sheet over me but Judy stopped me and looked straight into my eyes with hers of piercing green.“Honey, I know you are in need of more than just a house cleaning.”Then she smiled, “That’s why I came over.”I knew I was blushing fiercely and tried to stammer out a coherent thought, but she just smiled and, sitting on the bed by my hip, placed one hand on my leg, and the other on my belly.She massaged and rubbed all over my lower body, content for now that she was offering to help sooth my soreness, same as Ed had been doing, but after a moment she placed one of her hands on my pussy and gently massaged my hairy mound.‘God that feels good’ I thought.Soon she was massaging up and down my swollen pussy lips and rubbing my clit.I lost track of when, but found that my own hands were squeezing my own lactating breasts.Hot milk was quickly turning cold on my dress and making my seeping nipples harder, if that was possible.I was getting close and my eyes were already screwed shut when Judy suddenly slipped two fingers into my drenched pussy.Instantly I was cumming harder than I had in months.Behind my eyes fireworks were exploding and my sore body convulsed hard several times.Just as I thought it was going to end Judy wiggled her fingers inside me against my G-spot and those outside me over my oversensitive clit, and I came all over again, several times in a row.I was breathless and exhausted when she withdrew her digits from my leaking pussy.I was so dizzy and near to unconsciousness that I only realized what was happening when she began wiping my groin with toilet paper,人妻无码一区二区三区 cleaning and drying me off.She helped me remove my dress, and dried my milk off my breasts as well, before tucking me in to get some sleep.Before she left I struggled out a more than inadequate thank you, to which she bent her head down to mine and kissed me on my lips.IT was not a passionate or lusty kiss.Nor was is a dry or quick peek of a kiss.It was a gentle and loving kiss that lingered on my lips before she drew the curtains and I fell to the best sleep I’d had in over a month.I slept for several hours, and woke to Judy serving lunch.We ate in mostly silence, as I tried to come to grips with the intimate nature in which this woman had moved into my life.I’d never really had a relationship like it and I was nervous with what our new borders in life would be.I’d once during a lone week in college gone on spring break with a bunch of girlfriends, and on a drunken dare made out with one of her girlfriends.It was fun, and she seemed to like it as well, leading to a unique week of touching, kissing, and experimentation, and while it was fun, they both knew that they weren’t gay, but also not getting any lately, and would move on when each of them found a new guy.They shared a guy once also, and that was a blast, but by the end of the week they’d both moved on.She knew Judy had a seventeen year-old daughter, and had been married briefly when she was younger, buy didn’t know if she was expecting a permanent relationship of some sort.She was embarrassed to talk about it and put the question off until later.The rest of the day was normal, and Judy left around five, after putting some food in my oven, just before Ed came home, who finished up the meal and ate dinner with me.“So… how was Judy?”My cheeks flushed, but he wasn’t looking at me and just looked at his food as he ate.“Oh, great.It was nice having another woman around, helping out.”The next two days flew by and I found that as I masturbated during those days I longed to feel the touch of Judy instead of Ed.Don’t get me wrong, I still loved Ed, and was dying to get back to normal, and ride my lovers cock into the night, but there was this secret itch to again have the skilled and knowing gentle touch that Judy had demonstrated on her.On Thursday I expected Judy all day, but she didn’t come until afternoon, like we had originally planned.Instead of staying in, she took me out on a drive of the town, and had a snack picnic in the park.This was so much what I’d missed with Ed that I nearly cried.OK, I did cry, but that was just due to my crazy hormones.We just chatted about nothing, and I enjoyed the bright early October day.After an hour she finally asked me, “I hope I didn’t upset you the other day.I really just wanted to help you, and you just looked like you needed someone.”I though silently, examining my feelings before I spoke, “I did.And I’m glad you came back today to spend more time with me.”“Dear, you’re just so sweet; I want to gobble you up.”Judy said with a slight tang of southern accent she must have had as a child.“I’d like that,” I’d said smiling to her, before realizing what I’d said.The shock and mortification hit me, “That’s not what I…”“Are you sure?” she said with a quirky eyebrow at me.I sighed.“OK, I bet that would feel divine, but I was wrong to do that in the first place.I love Ed and he’s the father of my children.I know he’s just frustrated as I am being celibate these last few months.Also, I’m not a lesbian, so I’m sorry, but I didn’t mean to give you the wrong impression if that’s what I did.”There.I’d put the whole case in the open and see what she thought about that.“Honey, it’s OK.I’m not a lesbian when I’ve had a good man in my life, which sorry to say, hasn’t happened in far too long.”She smiled and continued, “Honestly, I’ve only had a few one-night-stands on the random day when Becky was at camp, or a friend’s house on a sleep-over, so I’ve really only been intimate with my favorite vibrator, Mr. Purple.”I half laughed, but got control of myself quickly before she continued, “I’d be lying if said I didn’t envy your relationship with Ed.He seems like a real stand-up guy; a real keeper.”“Yea.I’ve been lucky,” I agreed. “And I’d be lying,” she went on, “if I didn’t think about taking a roll around with him in the sheets!”At that we both exploded into laughter and giggles like overgrown schoolgirls.After we got control of ourselves she looked at me in the eye, staring into my soul, “Rachel, you are so beautiful, and I don’t want to get between you and Ed.I just want you to know that I think we can be really close friends.”Without even batting an eyelash I smiled back at her, “I’d like that…,” and then we kissed again.After that we didn’t have time for anything more that day, and the weekend went by in a daze.I was still masturbating constantly, and keeping it secret from Ed, who was taking part in less and less of my fantasies.I was feeling guilty about it, but that just seemed to make it hotter.Finally, what seemed like a lifetime later Tuesday came again and though my conscience was throbbing in my head, the throbbing in my pussy made me giddy after Ed kissed me goodbye that morning.I was afire waiting for Judy to arrive, and I barely left the window looking out for her arrival.My excitement translated to the twins, causing them to stir in my uterus.Between their movements and my own natural horniness I had to lie down in bed and began frisking my pussy relentlessly.I never heard the knock on the door, but when I heard the front door open, I called out, “In here,” but never stopped stroking my pussy. Then I saw Judy standing in the door, wearing a long brown coat, but it was opened revealing her nearly naked form clad only in a black lace teddy.Her huge breasts were barley contained by the sheer fabric and plunging cleavage, and her wide hips were naked with the high cut of the lingerie.She just smiled devilishly and said softly, “Just couldn’t wait to start playing without me?”All I could do was moan and continued rubbing my swollen clit.She just stood there watching as I strained my arm around my giant belly.I was on fire as I’d never been before, but she just stood in the doorway watching as she slowly removed her coat, and strutted around letting me get the full view of her sexy body.A small part of my brain was distracted to thinking, ‘Wow I hope I can still look as good after I have children,’ but my quaking pussy demanded attention.“Please…” I moaned.“Please what Honey?” she asked innocently, like she didn’t know why she was here in that getup.My pussy shuddered and I had no choice but to almost yell out, “Oh God, please touch me!”She smiled and said in a sultry voice, “Hang on Honey, I’m gonna make you cum to the moon.”Then she sat on the end of the bed between my legs, and then lowered herself beneath the curve of my protruding belly, her fiery hair the last thing I saw of her.She gently pulled my stretched hand away from my burning bush.I found I was holding my breath without realizing it when the first gentle touches of Judy’s nimble fingers gently brushing my hairy bush.I groaned long and low at the tingling sensations rippling through my body.While I had been desperate and harsh with my body these last few days, Judy was soft and gentle, setting my burning desire into a raging inferno.She was slow, gentle and deliberate, but knew all the right places to touch.It was like nothing I’d ever felt before.My college experience seemed clumsy by comparison, and while Ed too loved to touch and go down on her as well, this was beyond that by leaps and bounds.Slowly as if in a whirlwind, my brain was spinning with her touch as Judy slid two fingers into my pool of lust.Her fingers curled within my vagina unlike anything I’d ever felt before.My pussy was already spasmming like a jackhammer when her tongue flicked my clit and I exploded.My whole body shook and shook for what seemed like hours.The next thing I knew I was awakening in bed, covered up, and cuddled up to Judy, who was holding me in her arms.“Good afternoon sleepy,” she sweetly said to me.“What happened?” I asked, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.“You passed out, poor thing.It’s Ok though, I stayed here the whole time,” then she bent her head to my forehead and kissed it.“Now I’ll make us lunch and you just rest here.”Judy, still dressed in her teddy, then got out of bed and left the room, walking toward the kitchen.I just rested and collected myself.My vagina was still wet and tired, but it was sated for now.Soon Judy returned and we ate finger sandwiches, apple slices with peanut butter, some small pickles (with giggles), and dived into a container of Fluff (I’m pregnant Ok!).We spent the whole day in bed.As the clock spun around to around two o’clock I looked at her and said, “Well I know Ed will be tutoring Becky after school today…” I reached out and ran a lazy finger over her lace covered breast, “but I’d really like to do it again before he gets home.” Judy giggled as I tickled her breast, then dazzled me with her emerald eyes and tossed her long wavy ginger hair playfully.We locked eyes, staring into each other’s souls until we kissed.Her tongue was playful and fresh as it teased my lips and danced with mine.I drank from her as if she were the very spring of life, despite her being a few years older than I.Soon we were groping each other’s breasts and gently tweaking nipples.I just had to taste them, and pushed her back, moving as best as my titanic body could, until I captured it between a slit made for that very purpose in her black teddy.Her taught nipple was long and firm between my lips and I brushed it with my teeth gently before latching my lips over it and suckling.Judy moaned and that just drove me to obsession.I loved it; I loved her.She pushed me back and we touched, kissed, sucked and fingered each other for what seemed like forever.“I want to taste you,” I finally begged her.I couldn’t believe I just said that, but she just nodded and deftly straddled my face.It was so erotic.Here was my new lover’s lingerie clad pussy, already wet, hovering over my face and coming closer.I grabbed her round hips as she pulled her lace covering to the side exposing her womanhood to me.I pulled her down and pushed my tongue to touch her moist lower lips.I know what I like when Ed eats me out, and I tried to duplicate that, hoping that she was enjoying it, but I didn’t need to worry about that, because her guttural moans were all the approval I needed as I snaked my tongue into her honey pot, and ground my chin into her clit.Soon she was bucking and shaking over my face, her pussy soaking my face with her sweet nectar until she clenched and choked out a cry off, “OH YEA…” and her pussy let loose her girl-cum.I’d never imagined that I be so happy to know that I’d made another woman as happy as she had made me earlier.She slowly dismounted me and turned to face me again, and quickly kissed me full on the lips, tasting her own juices’ I’m sure, but that just lit my fire for her all over again.We kissed and kissed until my lips and tongue were tired.As she pulled back she said, “Honey, that was spectacular.But now I’ve GOT to return the favor.”She smiled wickedly again and returned to her hidden position between my legs that she’d taken earlier, but now instead of working me up gently as before, she went full attack mode and latched her lips strait to my clitty.This time was pure erotic lust and she literally attacked my pussy.It was divine and I was shouting so loud that I was surprised people three houses away didn’t call the police.She devoured me with relentless lips, tongue, and even teeth.As my mind-blowing orgasm peaked and my short breath caught in my exhausted lungs I felt things change, like I was a water-balloon that had just popped. Judy noticed it too and quickly pulled away from my still shuddering cunt.“Oh Honey, I think your water just broke!”


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