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lots of sports to watch欧美乱强伦xxxxx

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lots of sports to watch欧美乱强伦xxxxx

Violet’s first experience This is my 2nd story with lesbian sex, I'm sorry if i don't get any terminology down right, please let me know, Violet is a lesbian, she has known since she was very young she was attracted to girls. Very early on a friend found out and promptly told all her friends and eventually her parents found out through the social circle of the neighbourhood. It took a while but eventually both seemed to accept the situation and had made their peace with it. That hasn't made school or life in general easy, kids can be cruel especially if you stick out as different. Now though she was in her last year and at 18 was pushing for university next year. She had always loved sports. In her eyes there was nothing better than destroying the girly girls that had made her life hell over the past six years. That said she wasn't a butch sort of lesbian you couldn't look at her and automatically assume she was gay or anything, if anything her slim athletic build made her look more feminine. Her dream was to be a sports coach at a big football (soccer) team.Recently Violet had been discovering her own look, cutting her hair short but not extremely short, and dying it a dark pink colour. She had taken to wearing sports tops that showed off her abs, her best feature in her opinion. Her breasts had grown and they complemented the rest of her body. They weren't massive but they were enough to look good in a top. During the early years of high school she worried about them as they had remained flat during much of it.She looked out the window and saw no car meaning the parents were out. A peaceful Friday evening it would seem. Just then she heard the door shut downstairs and a bunch of giggles, this could only be her brother and his girlfriend, this was bad. Being a bit older than Violet he and his high school sweetheart were bumping uglies every chance they got. She heard them clumping up the stairs and decided it was time to go out to the garden for a bit of a game of keepy ups rather than listen to their exaggerated throws of passion. Truth to tell Violet was jealous not because she was attracted to his girlfriend, she thought she was a bitch, but because she had never been able to find a partner to try stuff with. She got up and passed the two in the hall, sneer from her and a smile and nod from him standard stuff. What wasn't standard was getting into the front room to find a really quite attractive girl on the sofa looking through the channels. ‘Uh hey… uh… who are you’ she enquired‘oh sorry! Uh.. I'm Julie… Stacy is my sister… sorry’ she had bumbled out like she was embarrassed at being caught. ‘That's ok, you don't need to apologize for her, I know I certainly won't apologize for my brother’ that elicited a giggle She got up to shake Violet's hand. ‘You must be Violet, Stacy has said a lot about you. ‘I’ll bet she has, all true I'm afraid’ That giggle again she was definitely a girly girl thought Violet. ‘Sorry my sister has always been a bit like that with… er you know’ ‘Gays?’ ‘I was gonna say other girls, she didn't mention you were gay’ Violet reddend she was sure Stacy hated her for being gay ‘Oh sorry I just assumed it was because… so its not just me?’ ‘God no she's a bitch to every girl, no idea why but she seems to prefer guys’ she said giggling again. Right on cue they heard the first moans of pleasure from the bedroom upstairs… ‘you, can stay here if you want, Personally I'm off to the garden for a bit of keepy uppy’ She grabbed her ball and made for the back door. To her surprise Julie followed her to the back garden which was just a big grassy area with a shed and a place for hanging washing to dry. Julie looked around her first time here and she looked unsure. ‘Oh there's a bench at the back of the shed if you want to relax’ Julie smiled at her and Violet again thought she was some beauty. She was in a summer dress which was checked with yellows and oranges, she had bigger boobs and her long straight brown hair reached her nice bum. Her legs were something that really caught Violet's eyes; they looked soft and slender. As she walked behind her she tried to take her all in. ‘Think they will be at it for a while?’ She asked, turning to look at the house. ‘They never seem to stop’ Violet replied dryly that got another pleasant giggle. It was nice that she didn't seem disgusted about her being gay unusual but not unheard of, Violet had learned some girls could be super nice to her while together and then mean when they were in a group. They reached the bench and Julie sat down Violet kicked the ball against the shed then using the momentum began to kick the ball into the air keeping the ball in the air with touches from her head, knees and feet. ‘Oh can you do the Maradona five?’ Violet hadn't expected that, not only did she know who Maradona was, she knew about a pretty niche skillset. ‘Oh I can try, it's hard though...’ Violet answered before taking a few attempts and succeeding just to the applause from Julie. She hadn't expected it but it felt good getting cheered on. ‘So er… you know about football?’ she prodded ‘Yeah, i'm a bit of a fan of Man United my dad got me into it before he died…’ she said sadly ‘ Sorry to hear about your dad, it's nice though that you had something like that with him… mine can't wait to get rid of me’ she said it with a grimace although it was kinda true, her father did nothing with her, he had taken her brother to games but never her. ‘So your parents don’t like you being gay huh?’ Julie asked, it was an honest question and really in Violets experience Julie had waited longer than most to ask about her being gay. At least this one had context and wasn't just out of the blue “so why are you gay” that usually comes out the thickos mouths. ‘Not really, they accept it but I get the feeling they are disappointed in me.’ as she answered she picked up the ball messing with it. ‘That's rough, bet school is a mare’ sounding empathetic which was rare for Violet. ‘Uh… arent United playing tonight’ trying to change the subject ‘ yeah but it doesn't look like I'm making it, you guys don't have sky sports and I've still to wait on them two finishing. ‘Oh do you need a ride home? I drive’ This was true she had recently passed and mom had reluctantly bought her a bike. ‘Oh man that would be great, you wanna come watch with me, it's been ages since I've had someone who knows about football watch with me’ Julie exclaimed excitedly. ‘Uuuhm I guess, I'm more of an Arsenal fan myself but we could watch, I'll get ready if you wanna tell the lovebirds were heading.’ With that Julie ran in the house to tell them while Julie got her bike out the shed. Violet wasn't sure what Julie was expecting but clearly by the look on her face a bike wasn't it.‘Wooah, uh I'm not sure about this’ when she saw the bike, ‘relax it's easier than you think, besides I'm a good driver, I promise you’ll be fine, put this on’ Julie looked at the helmet dubious about the whole thing but taking a bite of her lip watching violet putting on her pink helmet she decided to go for it. ‘Ok when you get on and off, just be careful of that exhaust it can be hot ok?’ Julie lifted her leg stopped then rolled up her dress slightly bunching it which to Violet was a nice little display before she got on behind her. She held on to her waist and for a moment Violet thought about telling her to hold on to the bull bars behind her seat but decided not to enjoying the sensation of her hands and her chest on her back. They were off and Julie squealed with excitement as they went before Violet stopped… ‘uh… where do you live?’ laughing at each other getting carried away. Julie quickly gave her directions and they were off in no time. It only took seven or eight mins but they got there no problems and Violet was rewarded with a flash of white panties as she dismounted the bike. ‘That was great I can see why you like it’ They got inside with ten mins before kick off, Julie nipped through to grab some juice and some snacks. During the match they discussed tactics and different players both had a great time and the match ended 3-3 with a late United equaliser to Julie's delight.After the match Julie’s mum arrived home from work and insisted she stayed for dinner, in truth Violet was having a great time and was starving. They sat down and they discussed the game and what Violet was planning on studying. Then surprisingly discussing her brother and Stacy's relationship, turns out their mother is happy for them but not ready for grandkids just yet which was really funny to hear. After food Violet said goodnight and Julie walked her to her bike. ‘That was fun, I enjoyed meeting you’ ‘yeah that was great, your mum's cooking was pretty great too’ Julie tried to hand her the helmet she had worn. ‘Uh I can't take it, can you maybe get your sister to bring it back?’ this was a blatant lie she could strap it to the seat but she knew what she was doing ‘oh,强奷蹂躏屈辱少妇系列小说 sure but I don't think my sister will… ok if I bring it Monday were away camping this weekend’ ‘Camping eh? Have fun… maybe see you Monday?’ Julie waved her off, it was nice to have a friend even if she wasn't a potential partner. The weekend went well, lots of sports to watch, but also lots of listening to Stacy getting plowed next door. My parents didn't seem to care and she wondered how they would fair if she brought a girl home and made her scream and moan. The thought of it made her laugh but she heard the moans from next door on Sunday morning and inevitably she soon decided to masturbate to the thought of them moans being created by Violet it felt odd to be thinking of Stacy while masturbating but then she imagined her sister moaning and it started to feel good, she imagined Stacy licking her and it didn't take long for her own orgasm to peak. Violet sat back in her bed looking forward to potentially Julie showing up, she knew Julie was straight and just a friend but still she could look.Look she most certainly was as Julie arrived in her school uniform, It was a grey plaid skirt down to her knees white socks black shoes white shirt with a bow and grey blazer. She honestly tried not to stare but damn. ‘Hey I brought your helmet, what are you up to Friday night?... uh… Violet?’‘Oh sorry daydreaming.. Friday uh I got nothing planned I don't think?’ Well seen as my mums working all weekend and your brother is bound to be … er.. Busy with my sister *giggle* I asked my mom if we could have a sleepover and watch some of the games on Saturday, you up for it? Arsenal are playing Everton I think…’ ‘Wait… uh, does your mother know’ Violet was stunned by even getting an invite. She hadn't had one of them since she was a child ‘know what?’ ‘That I'm gay’ incredulous ‘Sure, Stacy told her’ ‘oh god’. ‘Yeah she was pretty mean about it but my mother pointed out back in her university days she had herself’ *cough* ‘experimented, Stacy lost her shit at that and I died laughing, moms pretty chill about the whole thing’ laughed Julie.Once Violet had calmed down she giggled ‘Your mom rocks!’ ‘So you gonna come?’ ‘I wouldn't miss it’ School dragged by that entire week felt like an eternity and Violet stressed over what to wear like she was on a first date. In the end she went with some blue fluffy pjs for the sleep over even if she wanted to wear something more risqué. She reminded herself that Julie wasn't gay and that she really didn't have any friends so she didn't want to do anything dumb. Friday came and before kickoff at 8pm Violet made it to the house with a bag on her back. ‘Hi Violet, glad you could come look after my daughter’ was all their mother could say on the way out to her car. ‘I will see you later tonight’ ‘Oh change of plans she called out from the car, I'm off visiting a relative I won't be back till Sunday night, you kids have fun… no parties’ with that she drove off leaving Violet stunned in the doorway. ‘What she means is she has a hookup with her boyfriend and she is skipping work for a dirty weekend’ Julie was watching the car drive around the corner she smiled as Violet turned to her jaw open at what she said. ‘Oh she thinks she's clever but I've seen her browser history, his name is Thomas and… well I've seen pictures I can't unsee.’ Violet burst out laughing ‘and you're ok with this?’ ‘Why wouldn't I be, she enjoys it and who am I to stand in her way… besides house to ourselves pizza money and she even bought us a crate of wkds’ wkds for those who don't know are an alcopop. ‘God your mom rocks..’ She said again as she walked in the house. The first match started and it was a relegation 6 pointer and a bad tempered affair the first half had tackles flying in and ended the half goalless but with a bit of argy bargy going down the tunnel. Both girls thoroughly enjoyed it. ‘Ok come on, I'll show you where your sleeping moms locked her room and insisted you use Stacy's bed, she isn't happy about it but she isn't happy about a lot of things’ They went upstairs and the room was a twin, two beds in one room. Violet realized she would be sleeping in the same room as Julie and wondered if she should offer to sleep down stairs. ‘Uh I kinda want to get changed into pj’s before the half you ok with that?’ you want me to wait outside’ Violet asked ‘nah don't be silly, just get changed I'm sure you have seen more at PE class’ Actually the girls kinda asked her to change in the bathroom and Violet thought about saying that but then facing the other way Julie had taken her top off. Violet turned away embarrassed that she wanted to watch. It took a moment but she decided what the hell and changed herself when she was done she turned to find Julie sitting on her bed fully changed facing her. ‘Ok I'll order the pizza for tonight anything you want? we can go half and half?’ ‘I like anything so if you're not fussy neither am I?’ ‘How about we have Chilli meat, Tikka Chicken, pepperoni annnnnd….’ ‘Extra cheese?’ suggested Violet ‘Oh yeah, we can have stuffed or stonebaked’ ‘Stuffed’ ‘ok I'll order that you get the drinks and I'll meet you back down stairs’ The pizza arrived halfway through the 2nd half and the girls were a couple of bottles into the wkds. The game wasn't the best but the fire was still in it and there were more than enough flare ups to keep it interesting. Into the last ten two players were sent off for a punchup that had to be pulled apart. A penalty missed and a 40 yard screamer settled the match. It was great. After the match they finished the pizza and were getting through several of the bottles. They chatted about sport, the sister, the mother. ‘Can I ask you something?’ Julie cocked her head to the side and Violet already knew it was about being gay ‘Go ahead, I know you’ll be dying to ask about it’ ‘I guess you get asked a lot, I cant help being curious though. Uh when did you know you were gay?’ ‘I guess I knew very early something was different, it's fine honestly I do get asked about it a lot but I don’t mind’ answered Violet looking into her eyes. ‘How did you come out, I mean everyone seems to know but it's usually an after school thing’ Violet sighed… ‘I didn't come out, I…. kissed a friend, I was pretty young… I thought she would like it..’ Next day at school she had told everyone … my parents were called to school to collect me and the head informed them of my little phase…’ ‘You were outed that's terrible, some friend’ ‘Yeah it sucked instantly I lost all my friends, I was treated differently by teachers .. it took a long time for my dad to speak to me, my brother was pretty cool about it.’ That was true he had even shared his jizz mags with her. Ironically most of the boys at school liked her but she wasn't a tomboy by any stretch. ‘Have you had any… uh partners?’ Julie ventured ‘After seeing what happened to me, if any of them were interested they got pretty deep back into the closet.’ ‘So you’ve only kissed one girl?’ ‘Yeah and even then.. It wasn't like a real kiss… im a terrible lesbian’ She moaned and fell back on the sofa laughing at herself. She stopped laughing when she sensed Julie had moved closer to her; she wasn't sure what was going on when Julie's arm was at the other side of her head, propping her up as she leaned over and her face came into view. ‘Julie what are….’ She realized what was going on when Julie took her free hand and cupped her jaw. She didn't try to stop it. Their lips pressed and they were kissing. She opened her mouth slightly, loving the taste of Julie wondering where this all came from. Then a tongue entered her mouth and she backed away at the shock of it but soon went with it, their tongues intertwined. They separated and Julie smiled down at her. ‘Uh where did that come from?’ Asked a confused Violet ‘Guess I'm like my mother I've been thinking about it since that bikeride… did you like it?’ Julie asked with an infectious grin ‘I think it gets better with practice’ winked Violet they kissed again this time Violet used one hand on the back of Julie's head and the other up and down her back. ‘God your right that was great’ whispered Julie as they finally parted. They sat up and Violet looked into Julie's eyes and simply said ‘thanks’ she meant it, it was one thing to be accepted, it was another to have her first real kiss.She asked if Julie wanted a drink which got an instant yes. She stood in the same room with the bottle opener after the second bottle was opened she realized Julie had followed her and was right behind her. She felt her arms around her waist and she smiled. Then Julie kissed her neck and Violet melted her left hand drifted up Violets top and was rubbing her belly and slowly rising but before it got to her breasts Julie giggled ‘You want to go further?’ ‘Hell yeah’ was all Violet could hoarsely get out. Julie's hand raised to cup her breast and it felt amazing better still when she found the hard nipple. ‘Your body is so beautiful’ whispered Julie her other hand had begun to drop into, first the pajama bottoms and then into Violet's panties. ‘Oh god…’ Moaned Violet as her fingers traced her slit ‘your so wet Vi’ Then a finger plunged into her entrance as if to prove it.She moaned as Julie turned her around and lifted her top, she quickly found a nipple and began licking and sucking it then her soft fingers moved towards her clitoris. It didn't take long before Violet came by her fingers and it was the most powerful she had ever experienced. When she came to Julie was holding her hand and hugging her. ‘That was great… Want to go to bed?’ she said suggestively. ‘If you're sure?’ nodded Violet ‘Oh i'm sure… besides it's only fair.. Head on up I'll be up in a minute I've got a surprise for you’A surprise? Another surprise she means thought Violet as she headed up the stairs. Minutes later Julie entered the room in her full school uniform, oh god thought Violet. ‘I saw you checking me out on Monday. I really wanted you to touch me then….’ With that Violet crossed the room and pushed Julie against the wall with a kiss she put her fingers on her belly and let them wander up till it got to her large breasts she immediately realized there was no bra as she felt her nipples through the fabric and Julie began to moan into her mouth. She turned her around lifting her skirt from behind no panties either. She placed her hands on the wall and lowered herself under Julie's skirt. She began licking Julie's hole savouring the tastes as Julie moaned above. She came away with her face covered and pushed her down on a bed, spread her legs and attacked her clitoris while one hand massaged her breasts and the other fingered her opening.Julie came legs shaking in her arms with a muffled scream as she bit on her finger. ‘Oh Vi… that was horney as fuck’ they sat and hugged for a bit and then kissed a bit. ‘Well Vi.. my little Vi… what do you want to try next?’ Violet loved the pet name she had adopted. Her hands moved up and began to unbutton Julie's blouse, setting free her tits kissing them both… ‘you like them?’ ‘They are so beautiful’ She removed her skirt and socks as she went and picked up on the intention Julie began undressing Violet and touched each part as it was exposed. Finally the were both naked on the bed ‘Good god you have an amazing body’ pronounced Violet as she drank her in ‘Thanks but I think you underestimate your own.. Them abs and your ass are beautiful’ Violet pushed her down on the bed and arranged her legs between Julie's leant back and pushed her pussy up on hers. She then ground her hips in a circular movement. It wasn't quiteright and then Julie moved back ‘Oh I get it….. We rub our clits together…. Oh that's nice… oh yeah’ ‘You like that? God Julie your so fucking sexy when you move like that’ they quickly found each others clitorises and they rubbed together sloshing together with all the love juice between them. Julie came first and violet stopped to allow her to enjoy the orgasm. Julie quickly realized and changed position burying her face into her cunt. Violet grabbed her beautiful hair as she enjoyed her first experience of the head ever she peaked as Julie looked up at her smiling as Violet shuddered.‘Wow Vi that was a great first time… I hope you don't mind. I've always been into experimenting with another girl.. I'm not gay but I loved that’ ‘I don't mind but….’ ‘but?’ ‘We still have tomorrow and the next day…. I'm just wondering... ‘ ‘Wondering if we can fuck more? ’asked Julie ‘Yeah…?’ ‘we can do this as often as you want but… I'm…’ started Julie but Violet finished ‘not gay I get it… I just enjoyed it.. If you're not cool with it...’ ‘No I'm cool with it, they were the best orgasms I've ever had, mum said they would be….’ ‘your mum…’ ‘rocks ...I know’(shoutout to trib fan)



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